For banks

Any Ukrainian bank can become a partner with GUF. The bank should have cooperation with MSMEs as a priority, stable financial condition and should comply with the GUF requirements for partner banks.

After becoming a GUF partner and concluding a partnership agreement, the bank gets the access to credit resources under all current and future programs of GUF, The partner-bank in its sole discretion determines the GUF programs to participate in.

The procedure of obtaining the status of a partner bank

  1.  The bank interested in becoming a partner bank should send a letter addressed to the Executive Director of GUF to justify interest in cooperation with GUF and the ability to become a successful and reliable partner.
  2.  Upon receipt of the letter the Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) conducts remote and on site evaluation of the bank, including its financial condition, compliance with general GUF requirements, presence of a strategy in working with MSMEs, appropriate loan technologies and procedures, performs a selective review of loan cases credited by the bank at its own expense (if any) etc. According to the results of analysis, PMU prepares the materials for the Executive Director to consider the possibility to submit the question of approval the bank as a GUF partner to the Supervisory Board meeting.
  3.  The Supervisory Board at its next meeting decides to approve the bank as GUF partner and to sign the Partnership Agreement. GUF may nominate additional requirements that a bank must meet before the loan agreements between GUF and the bank under selected programs are concluded or that the bank should fulfill or comply within the period specified by GUF.
  4.  GUF and the bank sign the Partnership Agreement that defines the overall framework for further cooperation between them. In particular the bank is obliged to comply with the General requirements for partner banks and provide all the reports that are necessary for monitoring, and GUF – to provide loan funds for the bank under the provisions of existing programs.
  5.  GUF concludes Loan Agreements with partner bank for the desired amount under selected programs. Total indebtedness of a partner bank to GUF under all programs and loan agreements should not exceed 25% of GUF equity capital.

GUF provides loans exclusively under conditions of collateral.


     •     General requirements and specific eligibility criteria for partner banks