Program for lending to Ukrainian MSMEs in priority industry areas



This program offers favorable conditions for lending to enterprises operating in specific areas considered by GUF as priority and strategically important


IE and MSMEs with no more than 250 permanent employees and gross revenue from sales of products or services less than the equivalent of ?5 million (at the average annual exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine)

Purpose of loan

Priority I: Agriculture, including horticulture (viticulture) and fish farming, food industry, development of small hotels, green tourism, restaurants and catering, light industry, projects related to energy efficiency and energy conservation, productivity improvement and creation of jobs in underdeveloped / depressed regions

Priority ІІ: manufacturing and services, trade


€, UAH

Maximum l0an amount

  • €100 000 (IE and MSMEs)

  • €300 000 (large investment projects, vegetable storages)

Interest rate


        For investment loans:

               for Priority 1 – not more than UIRD.

               for Priority 2 – not more than UIRD + 1% per annum.

        For working capital loans:

               for Priority 1 – not more than UIRD + 2% per annum.

               for Priority 2 – not more than UIRD + 3% per annum.

In EURO: not more than EURIBOR + 7,5% per annum.

Maximum term of loan

  • 3 years (for working capital financing)

  • 5 years (to finance investments in fixed assets)