Microlending program


First and the largest GUF program with minimum restrictions for MSMEs.


Individual entrepreneurs (IE)

Micro enterprises (no more than 20 permanent employees)

Small enterprises (no more than 250 permanent employees)

Medium enterprises (no more than 500 permanent employees), shareholders of which are German medium enterprises with a share in the authorized capital around 30-70%

Purpose of loan

Financing of manufacturing, services, agriculture, trade (IE and micro enterprises only)


€, UAH

Maximum l0an amount

  • €25 000 (IE and micro enterprises)
  • €100 000 (small enterprises)
  • €250 000 (medium enterprises)

Interest rate

Market, determined by partner banks

Maximum term of loan

  • 3 years (for working capital financing)

  • 5 years (to finance investments in fixed assets)