German-Ukrainian Fund is interested in cooperation with domestic, foreign and international organizations and institutions whose activity is directly or indirectly related to the support of MSMEs.

Directions and forms of cooperation may include:

•     Attraction of loans and grants from donors to increase funding of GUF programs to support MSMEs.

•     Development and implementation of joint projects for MSME financing on the cost-sharing basis.

•     Organization of technical assistance to GUF partner banks for the introduction of microlending technologies.

•     Organization and conducting of measures to promote GUF loan products to MSMEs in the form of conferences, practical seminars, round tables, presentations and more.

•     Development and implementation of other instruments.

GUF is open for any cooperation offers aimed at the development of MSME sector in Ukraine, expansion of it’s access to financial resources and improvement of the skills of entrepreneurs.

Project Monitoring Unit of the National Bank of Ukraine (PMU), which manages GUF, has many years of experience in preparation and implementation of joint projects with international financial organizations and highly skilled staff. PMU is responsible for the selection of GUF partner banks, conducting demote and on-site inspections of partner banks on compliance with eligibility requirements, administration of issuing and repayment of loans, program performance monitoring, preparation of reports for GUF shareholders, accounting etc.

     Please send your offers to our email.